Natural, interactive learning

100% healthy nursery

The Natural Childcare, Shirley is an Ofsted Outstanding nursery dedicated to helping children learn and grow in a nurturing, safe and fun environment. Our holistic, award-winning approach to children’s development has afforded us an excellent reputation both nationally and locally, with families and childcare professionals. We understand the needs of children under the age of five years and provide them with exactly what they need; a safe environment full of discovery and exploration, using natural experiences to stimulate each of their senses. By encouraging creativity and imagination, the children are stimulated through their play and the magic of childhood is captured.

We provide an environment filled with activities to ensure their development into confident beings and ready for the next step up into school. This involves lots of conversations, reading, singing and a lot of listening and answering activities, guided by our trained practitioners.

Children make rapid progress. Staff are expert teachers

ofsted outstanding nursery

A clean, healthy environment

Not only do we offer a safe, natural environment full discovery and exploration, using natural experiences to stimulate each of their senses, we also ensure that meals are prepared for a healthy and balanced diet. Our lunch and tea menus are carefully planned in partnership with Robinsons’ Caterers, meeting nutritional guidelines and in conjunction with the Food For Life scheme. These balanced meals are prepared freshly each day with high quality, locally sourced ingredients.

Professional staff

Our nurseries are graduate led supported by Early Years Professionals who are handpicked for their dedicated, caring and compassionate natures. In 2017, we were proud to be awarded Nursery Manager of the year and also ‘Employer of the Year’ awards. Ofsted rated the quality of teaching, learning and assessment as Outstanding, recognising that our children make rapid progress with our expert teachers who provide a curriculum full of rich, varied and imaginative activities that meet individual children’s learning needs.

Learning activities

We pride ourselves on the provision of expertly led indoor and outdoor activities. Our babies and tweenies enjoy a range of activities including sensory play, story and singing times, as well as outside play, visits to the park and the local community in triple pushchairs. Our tots take part in role-play, outside and messy play, arts and crafts, constructing, puzzles, sensory activities, ICT, musical instruments and puppet time. As the children grow into pre-school years, their activities and skills are widened to include mastering letters and sounds, ICT, use of the reading area, construction, music and Spanish, as well as library trips, park adventures topic days and home activities.

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Play Plaza

In addition to the classroom and outdoor curriculum, children come together in the Play Plaza, situated in the Old Library, a central space where children play in small groups or participate in co-ordinated activities. Groups can be of same, similar or different aged children with activities such as yoga or music. Within the Play Plaza, we have quiet little nooks where budding writers or architects can create their next masterpiece. All your child’s senses can be stimulated in the sensory space which offers bubble tubes, lights, different textures, mirrors, smells and sounds in a calm and cozy, yet stimulating environment. Activities in the Play Plaza promote teamwork, concentration and motivation.

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